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Skyflash Digital - The Ultimate AI Integration Checklist

These are the three (3) most important questions CEOs need to ask to successfully implement AI and see results ASAP.


What would you like to achieve?


1.     How do we reduce our high recurring expenses and labor costs in the organization?

2.   How do we increase monthly, quarterly, annual revenue?

Each of these solutions require a unique approach, with some solution overlap.


How do you achieve it?

Analyze your organizational structure, assets, and processes and decide whether an in-house or external solution is needed based on your goals.


Cost Reducing Solution:

Ask yourself:

  1. Where would we like to reduce spending?

  2. What parts of our business must be 100% human to maintain a consistent product

  3. Where can we use AI to improve employee performance?

  4. What is the cost-benefit of outsourcing vs building?

  5. Do we have the expertise to seamlessly replace roles without compromising operations?

  6. Based on our goals, what is an appropriate budget for investment?

  7. Should we use internal or external audits for performance?

Revenue Increasing Solution:

  1. What existing revenue stream is not performing?

  2. What are our high-leveraged assets? (business development, marketing, sales, etc.)

  3. What are some external assets that we can leverage for growth?

  4. What is the cost-benefit of outsourcing vs building?

  5. What is the opportunity cost of not implementing?

  6. How scalable is the solution to create longer-term value?

  7. Do we have the expertise to quickly deploy assets and maintain growth?


How do you keep it?

Analyze potential pitfalls and avoid them with preparation.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are there any technical risks or potential downtime?

  2. How do we mitigate those risks?

  3. How do we reinvest free capital and efficiency gains?

  4. How do we educate customers on how to engage with our technology?

  5. How do we differentiate our use of AI from our competitors?

  6. How do we best educate employees on using AI?

  7. How can we seamlessly integrate AI into the customer experience?

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