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Skyflash Digital - AI Executive Report

How does this help you?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower.”

Steve Jobs


AI Automation is making difficult and long tasks easy and fast. If you took one (1) hour to make a video it now takes minutes. The same is true for advertising and sales. The idea of AI may seem scary but it is actually just a combination of numbers that allows you to repeat tasks. It helps you to get customers to want to buy your products by removing the time it takes to learn about who wants your products, what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and why they want it. The faster you are able to get that information and act, the more you and your customers will benefit. In the following I’ll explain how AI works, how it helps you achieve beneficial outcomes, as well as demonstrate use cases which highlight the importance of adopting AI right now.


Fig 1. Graph demonstrating the evolution of automation.

AI is excellent for learning about your customers by finding hidden details about their lives. It could be simply the amount of time someone spends at your store. If they spent thirty (30) minutes looking for a product, that number is called a piece of “data.” If you were to sit and count how long every person spent in your store, it would be very boring and time-consuming. Now AI allows us to count those minutes without the need for us to be there. And we can use those numbers to solve problems to help the customer make faster decisions. When we have enough data, we can then look for any patterns that arise. If we discover that three-quarters (75%) of customers spent thirty (30) minutes looking for an item, we now have a piece of “information.” As a result, we would then look for ways to give the customer easy access to that product, right? But there’s a problem with that statement.

AI helps us understand why things are happening so we can see the entire picture. If we notice that a particular item is harder for three-quarters (75%) of customers to see, we might decide to move them to a better location. But doing that would move other items and make them harder to see. In that case, we would be switching one problem for another and possibly creating more. Using AI, we can find data for every single item in the digital or physical store and decide if it is worth it or not to move the product. We might discover that the best action is actually to leave it where it is and have a salesperson or AI help them find it. Or we might find that sales for that product is more than another in the front of the store or website and thus it would make sense to move them. But we would never know if we don’t use AI to find data for the entire store.

AI automation is effective for businesses of all sizes, locations and niches. The applications are endless - from one (1) to one-thousand (1000) employees in companies with a physical or remote store. Retail businesses can now use an AI which restocks sold out items as soon as the orders are either made or fulfilled. In such a scenario, the work of three (3) specific roles – supply chain manager, inventory manager, and data analyst – is done. In both examples, work is completed and positive outcomes are generated for one tenth (1/10) the cost of hiring. That means that in a world where AI is replacing repetitive tasks, the combination of marketing and unique value is the key for survival and increased success. Companies today are doing just that to get ahead and stay ahead.

AI combined with storefront digitization is essential to the success of ecommerce. It was instrumental in Target’s 10-billion-dollar pivot to home-delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. After digitizing their inventory and supply chain in 2019, Target used AI-powered marketing to make customers feel seen and understood on a personal level. The result was increased sales, brand loyalty, and the value of each customer over time. That strategy allowed them to cross $100 billion in annual revenue in 2021, one of the worst years for brick-and-mortar ecommerce in history. From Walmart, Amazon, Costco and more, the use of AI and company-wide digitization is the recipe for short, medium, and long-term success. Thus, cost of not using AI is higher than the cost of adoption.

Fig 2. Bar chart showing the annual revenue of Target Corporation, US.

What does AI automation mean for you? It means more ease, less cost, and more profit. And in 2024, more businesses are realizing the benefits of using it. Per McKinsey in 2023, over 80% of top CEOs from the US, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, and developing markets report using AI in their businesses across all industries. To maintain and increase their growth, those CEOs recognized the importance of embracing technology rather than waiting for competitors to get ahead. As a result, they were rewarded for their early adoption with a 14% revenue boost and 12% return on investment. The earlier a technology is used, the more benefits you can provide to your customers and your company. Businesses now have a golden opportunity to achieve the same and reap the rewards of their decisions as the pace of AI innovation is reaching an all-time high.

Fig 3. Probability distribution graph displaying the segments of technology adoption.


In conclusion, we:

1.     Discovered how AI functions and helps businesses succeed

2.     Explored multiple real-life use cases and provided data-backed insights

3.     Provided undeniable proof of the benefits of AI using data analysis and case studies

4.     Showed the tremendous benefits of quickly adopting AI in today’s marketplace








How we help you

We use our AI Powered Marketing Product, “QuickLaunch,” to help you scale your business and experience increased sales, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

We achieve this by first analyzing your business, market, and other key variables to create a custom strategy for your success.

We use a proprietary algorithm to make decisions on how to grow your business the right way from the start so you spend less and earn more - the same algorithms used by industry leading data scientists at Deloitte and Ernst and Young.

Then, we provide you with a premium suite of in-house AI-powered assets that ensure your return on investment:

1. Best performing creatives that work and leveraging them for ads

2. Best performing audiences to target on ads

3. Best performing copy for the ads

5. Email sequences to personalize customer journey

6. Entire CRM for you to manage your pipeline of customers

7. Multiple 24/7 omnichannel AI customer service agents to maximize sales

8. High volume personalized content across socials

9. Industry-standard AI implementation best practices


A similar set of services that Deloitte spent millions to acquire from Madras Global because they recognized the incredible customer value and return on investment.

And because we leverage AI in our daily operations, we are able to implement that system faster than any human-only team ever can.

That provides you with the speed and expertise you require to scale past your competitors and defend your market position.

All while ensuring full transparency and adhering to legal and ethical guidelines to protect your brand’s reputation.

The opportunity of a lifetime is: instead of spending over $20,000 USD at multi-billion-dollar corporations like Deloitte and McKinsey, you get the same value for a fraction of the cost.

If you ever wanted to rapidly and reliably scale your business using world-class solutions, this is your chance.

Let help you launch you into success today.









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